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Our solution

15x faster login using privacy friendly biometrics

We needed a solution to be sure of someone’s identity online. Passwords and security keys were simply not good enough.

How can we be certain that the right person has access? The only secure way is a login based on who you are. That can be your face, finger or something else that identifies you.

As a side effect we simplified the way you login. Now you don’t have to remember a password, you don’t need to carry a security key. We eliminate the friction of the login process so you can enjoy seamless access to your favorite apps.


Why VeryMe

15x faster login

Significantly reduce login time - nothing to remember, nothing to bring.

Stronger security

Every login guarantees the identity of the user.

No hardware keys

No need for physical hardware keys which can be misplaced or stolen.

Privacy friendly biometrics

Encrypted biometric data which is completely inaccessible.

Significantly reduce support

Eliminate support calls or waiting on physical security keys.

Easily scalable

Instant scaling for any number of users.


One identity many applications


Multi Factor Authentication ensures complete security.


Eliminate the need for passwords and security keys.


Identify people and identity documents.

Your way

Design your custom identity solution.